Alkaline Water Ionizer

Engage in a healthier lifestyle with ionized alkaline water, all from the comfort of your own home.

The human body needs water. However, most of us drink normal tap water and other ‘filtered’ bottled water without thinking, “what are the real health benefits?”. Start drinking our machine-generated alkaline water, and begin receiving real health benefits today! Whether drank by itself, or used for cooking in the home, consumers report seeing health improvements very quickly.

Includes the following features:

  • Patented Technology reducing wastewater with High-efficiency Electrolytic Cell
  • Long Life Span of the Filter (2 years)
  • Produces 10 different ph levels of Water

This machine, offers the highest quality alkaline water currently on the market. Check out more information below!

The HWP-55 Alkaline Water Ionizer

Our newest water system offers 10 different types of water, all with unique health benefits.

The water from the HWP-55 system is excellent for digestion, internal stomach health, skin care, and cleaner cooking. With the push of a button, select the ideal water type for your personal needs.

Users can choose from 10 types of water:

  • Strong Alkaline Water: pH 10.5
    For food preparation, i.e. to soften the harsh taste of vegetables.
  • Alkaline Water 3: pH 9.5
    For daily drinking and maintaining good health.
  • Alkaline Water 3: pH 9.5
    When cooking, brewing tea, etc., this water improves taste.
  • Alkaline Water 2: pH 9.0
    Ideal for hydration after sports, and when the body has become accustomed to drinking electrolytic alkaline water.
  • Alkaline Water 2: pH 9.0
    Ideal for washing and cooking rice; produces a fluffier rice.
  • Alkaline Water 1: pH 8.5
    Enjoy this water upon waking in the morning, and before sleeping at night.
  • Alkaline Water 1: pH 8.5
    Start with this level if just starting to drink electrolytic water.
  • Purified Water
    Start with this level if just starting to drink electrolytic water.
  • Acidic Water: pH 5.5
    This water is used for face-washing, etc., as it tightens the skin.
  • Sanitized Water: pH2.5
    This water is used for cleaning and sterilizing tableware, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. Note: Requires addition of table salt.

Making health-enhancing electrolytic alkaline water starts with an advanced water filtration system supplying purified water to a state-of-the-art electrolytic tank.