Easily generate electrolytic hydrogen water at home.  Use the power of hydrogen for daily health management.

The human body is more than 60% water. We require it every day, which means we need to ensure we are consuming the healthiest water possible. There is no mineral or filtered water on the market which offers as many health and beauty benefits as the electrolyzed hydrogen water from our HWP-55 system. Our machine dispenses water which is filled with hydrogen, generate by electrolysis. U.S. JACLEAN has brought this unique electrolyzed hydrogen water to market as part of its drive to support beauty and health.

Learn more about incorporating the U.S. JACLEAN Ganso Alkaline Water Ionizer into your family’s daily efforts for health maintenance.

What is electrolytic hydrogen water?

One of the main qualities of electrolytic hydrogen water is that it has positive effects for the improvement of gastrointestinal symptoms. For example, many acknowledge its ability to ease any discomfort or an upset stomach may have. In other words, drinking electrolytic hydrogen water, unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms can gradually be alleviated.

Efficacy or effects of electrolytic hydrogen water

Electrolytic hydrogen water alleviates dull feelings in the stomach and stomach discomfort. It also helps gastrointestinal movement and improves bowel movement.

The index that indicates the electrical energy amount of water is known as “oxidation reduction potential” (ORP). The higher the positive value, the stronger the oxidation power, and then the higher the negative value, the stronger the reduction power that deoxidizes oxidized materials.

Electrolytic hydrogen water has a negative value, thus we could say that it has a strong reduction power.

A water purifier is used for eliminating residual chlorine and impurities from tap water, in order to make clean water.

An electrolytic hydrogen water generator is used for electrolyzing the purified water from which impurities and chlorinous odors are removed to make electrolytic hydrogen water and acidic water. Therefore, the functionality and characteristics of the generated water are completely different.

The electrolytic hydrogen water generator can easily generate, at home, not only purified water that tastes better than tap water but also electrolytic hydrogen water that is good for health at home.

The apparatus purifies the tap water, and then electrolyzes the water.  By that, electrolytic hydrogen water is generated at the negative electrode with acidic water at the positive electrode.

Note: This site uses the terms “electrolytic hydrogen water” and “acidic water” for the names of generated water. These correspond to the terms “alkaline electrolytic water” and “acidic electrolytic water” used in JIS T 2004 (water electrolyzer for home use).

Generate purified water, acidic water in addition to electrolytic hydrogen water.

U.S. JACLEAN’s electrolytic hydrogen water generator HWP-55 can generate purified water, acidic water, and sanitized water in addition to electrolytic hydrogen water. Various types of water can be used depending on the purpose.

Electrolytic hydrogen water

Electrolytic hydrogen water improves gastrointestinal symptoms.

Purified water

This is suitable for preparing milk for babies and for taking medicine.

Acidic water

Acidic water is recommended for washing your face.

Sanitized water

Sanitized water can be used for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.

Add some flavor to life to daily life and live healthier with 10 different types of water in one machine!

Our machine-filtered water is good for skin care, cooking, and digestion. With easy button-based operation, users can choose one from 10 types of water that can improve daily life.

 “H2” (Hydrogen Plus) button

Press the “H2” button to adjust the pH levels of your water. Different levels can serve different purposes.

The amount of dissolved hydrogen increases up to 20%.

Note: Comparison between normal mode and the Hydrogen Plus mode when using pH 9.5 synthetic water (synthetic water based on JIS T 2004)
Note: Depends on water quality

Clear display of the current hydrogen level

Display the 6 different hydrogen levels in an easy to understand fashion, when the “Switch Display” button is pressed.

When Using pH 9.5 Hydrogen Plus When using pH 9.5

Users can choose from 10 types of water: 3 x 2Hydrogen Plus

Display Hydrogen Levels

Strong alkaline hydrogen water: pH 10.5

Best used for cooking purposes, such as better cleaning vegetables.


Alkaline Hydrogen water 3: pH 9.5 Hydrogen Plus

Best for drinking on a daily basis, to see best health benefits over time.


Alkaline Hydrogen water 3: pH 9.5

For cooking purposes related to taste improvement; for example, cooking tea.


Alkaline Hydrogen water 2: pH 9.0 Hydrogen Plus

Post-workout hydration. To be used when one’s body has become more used to drinking electrolytic hydrogen water.


Alkaline Hydrogen water 2: pH 9.0

Best for cooking purposes related to improved texture. Such as washing rice and cooking rice; for fluffier rice.


Alkaline Hydrogen water 1: pH 8.5 Hydrogen Plus

Best consumed to start the day and right before going to bed.


Alkaline Hydrogen water 1: pH 8.5

Recommended to begin with this level, to allow the body to get used to electrolytic hydrogen water.

Purified water

Best used paired with medicine or preparing milk, food, etc. for babies.

Acidic water: pH 5.5

Best used for skin care. For example, when washing the face, this water tightens the skin.

Sanitized water: pH 2.5

This water level can be used for cleaning and sterilizing tableware, and for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms.
Note: Table salt needs to be added.


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