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This machine is a water ionizer. It purifies your tap water and creates premium alkaline water through the process of electrolysis.

Alkaline water has a “reducing power”, which means its antioxidant benefits and acidity levels may alter over time. Therefore, while there may be bottled water in stores which sell these alkaline-based benefits as well, there is no guarantee those bottles will have the same benefits as freshly made water from our machines.

Normal water purifiers just remove the chlorine or trihalomethane from tap water. Our water ionizer does this, while also removing further impurities and creating alkaline water. Alkaline water goes has been widely found to improve many gastrointestinal body functions

Bottled water: $4 per gal (when purchasing 70 oz per day.)

HWP-55: $0.40 per gal (when useing 4.4 gal per day for 5 years.)

Our machines fits with the majority of water taps and faucets found in the home.

Our machine is self cleaning, and does so automatically. If the machine has filtered through 2.6 gallons of water, and doesn’t run for 30+ minutes, it will be its auto cleaning process. This process takes up to 40 seconds, and users and are made aware when this process is taking place, as the machine cleaning light will be on.

Our machine’s dispensed water has major health benefits for almost everyone. However, there are certain demographics of the population who should not be drinking this machine’s water. If you have any history with the following conditions, please avoid this water:

  • If you have a history with renal disease
  • If you have a history of renal failure
  • If you have any type of potassium excretory disorder

To keep its full benefits, we recommend that you drink the machine’s water within 24 hours. However, according to verified research, this water can keep it’s alkalinity for up to 2 months, if kept in a tightly closed container and refrigerated.

A water purifier is used to eliminate residual chlorine and impurities from tap water in order to make “clean” water.

An electrolytic alkaline ‘generator’ electrolyzes purified water (from which impurities and chlorine odors have been removed) to make electrolytic alkaline water and acidic water. Hence, its functions and benefits are completely different.

The electrolytic hydrogen water enhancer not only purifies water of chlorine and contaminants, yielding better-tasting water but also generates electrolytes alkaline water that is beneficial to our health – all in a convenient, home-use system.

Electrolytic hydrogen water has immense health benefits. The primary benefit being it’s positive effects on human’s gastrointestinal functions. These positive effects lead to reduced stomach discomfort, improved digestion, and ease of chronic discomfort in the stomach and intestines.

We compared other company’s machine.

We display the ORP level as drinkable water pH9.5, which the number is -360 but other company increase the pH level and show more negative ORP number.

More than pH9.5 is not drinkable, so please check carefully how ORP number is shown.

5 plates are equipped with this machine. With patented technology of our electronics system, we can produce the large capacity of alkaline water with only 5 plates. Although it is possible to lower ORP value by increasing the number of plates, it seems that there are many cases showing the lower ORP by raising the pH level. When drinking more than pH10, the potassium in the blood increases and it burdens the heart, it is not good for your health. For that purpose, we define the pH standard that can be drunk with JFDA as 9.5 ± 0.3 and strictly manage it. Under its upper limit pH 9.5, we are proud that we can produce more alkaline ionized water with our patented technology, and can show the best ORP performance.

Active hydrogen would remain when boiling within 5 minutes but it would be gradually decreased and completely lost when boiling over 20 minutes.  However, the effect remains when using alkaline water with cooking.

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